A Little Longer

Gentle breeze running

Across a vast scale of water

Twinkling drops

Everlasting faith in drowning

I plummet to the bottom of

The Earth's well

Tangled in too-tall seaweed

And sun's rays filter through

To my frail bones

And aching heart


Back up I go

Air is much lighter

Than death

And I float to the surface

Another twinkle on the face

Of a green hollow


I wish I could stay

Just a little longer

Just until my lungs begin to burn

And my muscles all let go

I want to be one

With the lake

And one with myself

Even if just for a little longer

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This Poems Story

In writing "A Little Longer" I confide my solace in the water. Through my sixteen years of life I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I learned to swim at a young age and have always found peace in the water. I view water as a powerful force, like the ocean, since it is both vital to our survival and dangerous. I often sink as far as I can, relax, hold my breath. There is a great pleasure in being able to trust yourself, your body, enough to know you can relax in water. In the water I have the control. It's a place I can stay constant and away from my cycling emotions.