A Little Love Story

By Tammy Strong

Let me tell you a little story
about a woman named madium white
she fell in love with the young man whose head wasn't on quite right

See she's the kind of person
who helps people in every way
she feeds, shelters and clothes them almost every single day

Sometimes she offers
a real word of advice
She speaks with tough love
And is always precise

A young man named jamally washington
Was fighting a battle within his soul
madium white took him under her wing
But soon lost all control

She soon learned he was shooting
A needle into his veins
Then tried everything she could
To get him to refrain

But nothing she did worked
All she could do is cry
She felt like a failure
And just wanted to die

She loved him so much
That she wanted him to see
that the needle hurts more than you
It also hurts me

So to show him what she meant
She put the phone on record
Loaded a needle up with drugs
And said forgive me oh lord
Then went down a path unexplored

Her last words were... I love you!!!
And i just wanted you too see
What that needle is going to do to you
Just look what it did to me.

With love...by Tammy Strong

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This Poems Story

This poem is about me and a young man that I grew very fond of little did I know he was shooting up