The effort you put through will burn
Especially when its lit
Anyone who follow up will learn
How effortful you thus meet
But look at an effort not worth enough
It has been laboured
But you can't smile it so as worth
Its maturity is partial grace
A little more effort when given through
Opens every doorway of self
A little more is as worth as truth
More than gods themselves
A little effort is worth the prize
Other than any effort
If end-joy at all is worth the sacrifice
Than any other effort
But there's a bit of a problem
Encountered in any man
Tricks, list and mind exposures
Are soul-rooted like burns
When you're up to a challenge,free memories
And allow the world come to you
Be its counsellor in its everyday stories
Never forget we're all observers
Even a little effort when deserved.

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A little effort can make a difference