A little more time

Oh! How I wish I had "more time"
To finish everything in a day and night.
There is always so much to do in sight.
But! Not enough "time" to do it right.

Time is something we need to heed.
How very true this seems to be for me.
There is just "not enough time" you see
To get done all I need to do before "time flees."

"Time waits on no man" so the saying goes.
It speeds by so fast as it continually flows.
And we can never "catch the time back" you know.
How I wish time would go more slow.

"Just a little more time is all I need."
Twenty four hours is not enough time for me.
I am coming and going so fast i am in a hurry.
if only time would "slow up" to catch up with me.

My goal is to never waste "precious time."
I am often tired to spend my time online.
But somehow, I will "find the time."
When I am exchaustred from running behind

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