A Little Rain

A grey-shaded rainbow stretched past
The grumpy clouds.
It spotted a colorful, little raincoat,
Prancing amidst the puddles.
Such a pretty jacket
Come out, just for the Grey Rainbow.
Little Raincoat raced past walls
And artificial lights.
It blew past buildings and depressing little tiles.
Faces, drinks, and balloons couldn't hinder
This Little Raincoat's path.
Little Raincoat found such puddles,
Waiting ever so patiently
For a solemn pair of wee rain boots.
Grey Rainbow smiled down,
Letting just a smidge of color touch its edges.
It whispered out from the sky,
"Come play with me!
We'll torment the clouds and find buried treasure!
Oh, please, come play with me."
"But I have not wings to fly,
Just my boots to disturb the puddles with."
This was Little Raincoat's reply.
Thusly the two played, all alone, throughout the day,
Whispering silently to one another,
Until the creeping cracks of sunlight,
Drove poor ol' Grey Rainbow away.

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