A Little Seed

Make me like a tree, strong and steady I will be

I am but a little seed; I'm thirsty.
My soul is parched my back is arched, throat dry as I look to the sky
I can feel your heavy rains soaking up the soil.
Your strong sun's rays warm the land.
I'm safe here protected by the farmer's hand.

Grow me, I'm ready.
The odds I will defy when I shoot to the sky.
When this little guy, is big and strong, when my trunk is long
When birds perch on my branches to sing you a song
It won't be long, it won't be easy
Right now the air is breezy.
The winds will change, as seasons rearrange
But I don't have to fear this ominous place,
Because you made me a promise that can't be erased.

So when the pouring rains flood, I won't drown in the mud.
When the sun disappears I won't shed a tear,
I know you are near.
When all I feel is cold
Against the storm strong and bold, I will not fold.
I will never be forsaken.
My heart and soul are yours for the taking.

As the years roll on and on and on, I will trust in each new dawn.
I have your word to stand upon.
Let my roots dig deep into your terrain, test me to see if I remain.
Make me grow, let me show myself faithful.

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