A lone man’s lament

By Aqus   

When the darkness comes,
There is none to wish me a good night's sleep,
On the bed, the soft white bed I slumber in silence,
My heart fills with anguish and sorrow grows deep,

I have have none to talk with,
For I am a man alone,
My life, an exceptional life be filled with dread,
For I cannot convey my sins much less atone,

There is not any laughter in my livid life,
I have grown old with time,
And not leaving any legacy of mine own,
This wonderful thing is the only thing left for me, to rhyme,

The shelves, the ornate shelves which hold my trophies,
In a dusty room of evil and malice,
Guarded by the shadows,the shapeless shadows,
I drink from each golden chalice,

None ever take my care,
Because I left long ago,
Living in a house of blue and red, ah ravaging red,
Oh I wan't to dance again, with Death in row,

I am starting to hate the dark,
These are my lamentations,
I am alone, alone in a dark black void,
Finally as the end nears I have lost my patience,

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This Poems Story

it is about a man[Name him yourself] who has sinned a lot and made many enemies. Due to which he started to stay in his home alone. He once led a successful life.