A Lonely Falcon

A lonely falcon
Wings spread wide, beating against the swells
Hopes last bastion
Heart filled with compassion
A story never to tell

I write these words because we as people are like this
We struggle to stay aloft in the never ending sky
Hoping to stay up, then fly higher to reach our dreams
We all have a story
A love for others
Hearts and minds filled with emotion
Some things we never tell
Our hearts pierced by consternation

Screams of the dead and dying fill our ears and close us to the world
Not just people
Not in all cases
For many is it the hopes and dreams of their own and their loved ones
A hand never won
A father who has never once told you he was proud of you
And maybe a mother who has gone.

Dreams have life
And mine were killed a very long time ago
I didn't do it...but I was the only one who could hear them scream

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