A Lonely Letter To My Friend

By Ara Moe   

Mapping seas all dark and stormy,
Embosk myself with all my pride.
Laying threads to weave my story,
Alone of course, deep down inside.
Never sailing in these waters,
Chasing that which belonged to me.
Higher waves drown out my laughter,
Open your mind; we can still be.
Living on so I guess I'm fine,
Your soul encaptured within mine

Can we ever get together,
Answer truthfully, I must know.
Unless you vowed to not look back,
Sinking downward, I then will go.

Expect no more; It’s who I am,
Inside me is nothing but love.
Maybe regret and also grief,
I guess I just won’t rise above.

So, if you think I may be right,
Say it now cause I just won’t stay.
You know I missed you from the start,
Only trying this final way.

Understand me and please respond.

~ Ara Moe

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    This Poems Story

    This poem was pretty much a years worth of pent up emotions. I had suffered a fall out with one of my greatest friends and this poem was a sort of explanation to my sorrow as well as a plea to get back together, which, spoiler alert: we did. Also, there is a secret message hidden within the poem if you can find it. Hope you enjoyed. Also special thanks to Mike Blaylock for a great suggestion