A long many miles

I see the lights of St. Elmo's Fire
and a spark in the eyes, of the one i desire
and it keeps me going, a long many miles

I feel the hunger down deep in my heart
where hardness was, before it did part
and it keeps me going, a long many miles

though i may be rocking around that rolling sea
and those waves are towering up over me
its in your beauty that i am strong
its in the melody of your song

the four winds blow with icy breath
threatening me with catching death
as i continue on, a long many miles

its on your kind words that i carry on
and that is all i need to stay warm
and i go forward, a long many miles

all the others did run and hide
when barriers broke, and worlds collide
and when the darkness did fall
we stood together and we stood tall

i would go the distance, and a whole lot more
and pay the price to stand at your door
and ask you to come along many miles

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