A long time ago I loved

I once loved a woman.
A long time ago.
For I now miss the touch
The smell of her hair
Oh how sweet was her kiss
For I was in love.

She had told me she loved me.
Alas I was wrong.
She ran from me.
To never come back.
When I told her about my past.
I asked her for help and she wouldn't give.
For I loved her more then anyone.
she did not.

Now she left me all alone.
Missing the touch of love.
I now wonder through life.
Looking for a new love.
For I miss that smell of her hair is gone.
I will find the one who will help.
No matter what my past is.
I pain for the touch of her hand on mine.
For I'm looking find that sweet kiss agin.

I had help to get over that love I had.
It is now tome to move on.
To new a new and better love.
So I ask around to find her.
The one girl I'm destined to be with.
I'm ready to touch your hand.
To smell the wonderful aroma of her hair.
And to taste her sweet lips.
For I will find the girl I will love.

Shaun D. Weller

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