A Long Time Gone

Star crossed from the start
Sailing the dark rivers of your heart
Under a red sky, at mornings dawn
Tried to capture you with clever words
Now I see how that was so absurd
You were already a long time gone

Steeple bells ring out over the land
Tears upon the letters, by your hand
Ideals of the past and future so well known
Tried to defy the odds one last time
But the sisters of fate are so unkind
And you were already a long time gone

You said the highways are rife with sadness
Peril waits for those who are brave
Pursuit only leads to consumption by madness
That will plague you all the way to the grave

Echoes of your laugh ring out
Electric bolts shoot about
From the heart and through the bones
The connections formed turned out false
From the shared laughs to matilda’s waltz
You were already a long time gone

The hunter’s moon is on the rise
It has rolled over into the blue
But you have always seen with jaded eyes
And never trusted the things shown to you

I could feel your hurt, dwelling deep inside
Over many miles of long distance line
And the chill of suffering it all alone
That brought me closer than anything else
For you to share those parts of yourself
While already being a long time gone

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