A Love Affair With A Word Above

They sat together and watched the sky turn from blue to red
Blue to red
Every time the sun sets
And the world takes a dip into darkness
One tip toe into the pool of clear black
Speckled with bright white stars
They sat together, warm
While the sky when from red to azure
Red to azure
They watched as the sun clawed at the veil
Just barely reaching through
Sunlight fading
They sat and felt the cold shiver of
The trees moaned like men lost at sea
Creatures in the blank
Curling darkness
Fingers of chill caressed the bodies of the watchers
Invisible to sight
Still the watched
They sat together and watched the sky fade to black
Azure to black
The colors shifted
Taking on forms and galloping across the sky
The Stars blinked in and out
To the beat of the lives of the watchers
Slowly but surely
All the lights died out
And the only light was in their eyes
Reflections of worlds light years away
Tears Of the past
Droplets of dew on a blanket of black
The watchers could've of sworn that
The sky beckoned them back
As they retreated into the warmth
Of their dwelling
It would be too long before they experienced such darkness again
But they would always remember
The love they felt
For the sky

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