A Love I Understand

i used to wonder how this happened,
how we came to be,
how i fell in love with you,
and how you fell for me.
you think it would be hard to get,
understood and made clear,its
the way you stood by me, over all these years.
when everything else seems to fail,my day is brightened,
by a piece of mail,
you are my favorite story,we are a fairy tale,
you make me strong again,no longer am i frail.
like bonnie and clyde,
with no regret, you are my sleeping beauty,
you are my juliet,i'll forever be your man,
your knight,your king,
im sure you know by now,
that your my everything.i will always be in love with you,
for the smiles that you bring, you rid of my pain,
you take away the sting,the kind of love you cannot hide,
the kind you cannot fight,the kind of aching,
the kind of thirst,that keeps us up all night.

always and forever,always close,always near,
eye to eye, heart to heart,

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