A Love Lost

To fall, without reservation.
To hurt, more, than one ever imagined.
To break, in such tiny shards.
To love, so deep, rich, and selfless. Only to find, it was in vain.

Once upon a time, is but a fairy tail.
Once upon a time, we were joined for life.
Once upon a time, you enveloped my soul.
Once upon a time, we had a love of legendary proportions.
Now, silence, hurt, and brokenness remain.

Is there hope, for the future?
Is there hope, for reconciliation?
Is there hope, for forgiveness?
Is there hope, for life after such tremendous loss?
For us, hope is distant, dormant, trapped in what once was.

Should you lie with a devils tongue.
Should you lay with someone else.
Should you regret such ignorance.
Should you want me back. There would be nothing, for me to give.

The life for our children,torn to pieces which cannot be mended.
The life that shall follow, bleak.
The life that we built, aflame.
The life you wanted? The life you get. Was it worth it?

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