A Love Lost and Found

Crushed with sorrow, and crushed with pain.
How is my smile supposed to remain.
A world once whole, and skies so blue.
Every bit was thanks to you.
A girl full of life, that's now so dark and grey.
Watch as her smile just fades away.
She's lost in her mind, and trapped in a hole.
Now with a black and empty soul.
A woman grieving inside, but needs to find peace.
When will this heartache ever cease.
Looking for answers, in a world with none.
Thinking nothings left but her gun.
Life will never be the same, why should she stay.
Maybe it's time to just go away.
Pulling the trigger, but feeling so numb.
Why was this girl being so dumb.
With nothing left, she hangs on by a string.
Soon the phone will start to ring.
A voice so young, with her on his mind.
How could she ever be so blind.
Her eyes filled with tears, as she looked up above.
That little boy saved her with all of his love.

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