A Love Missed

Cool month of March,
Clouds covering throughout the sky,
With every breath I take,
Your memory over fills my mind.
Breaking through every mountain,
Calming the ocean before the storm begins to rage,
You over power, take control
Of any winds,
The rain falling from the sky,
The sun to shine,
Make black as the midnight hour,
The moon becoming a faint lit candle,
To guide someone's path.
Calling out your name,
Only my voice you appear.
Thinking of you within,
Surrounding my heart.
A faint musical tone crystal clear,
You say,
I miss your love BabyDoll,
Whispers in my ear.

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    This Poems Story

    staring at the clouds on a beautiful afternoon, the month of March missing Arnold my, while I wait for his return, everyday I live in one of our memories we created to bring a smile on my face and my eyes forget to cry until the day you finally come home to stay.