A Love Question

I'm home from work im gonna lay down in bed or at least I want to
but only thinking bout you,Is this love?
I wake up and go to work,
the same routinestartn to look on the betta sides of things.
Theres tons of paragraphs to write,
a speech im suppose to recite,
im going above and beyond then my phone vibrates
it's a text from you and I know work,
It nothing I can do this thang, Is this love?
Going out yelling foul language me and the boyz just hanging,
drinking and sangin. I wobble past the front door u tell me
" you stinkin" n do your usual complainin.
A lot of mean things were said, Ive been faded,
had myself confiscated,
but the shit u say make my thoughts frustrated.
We forgive what we said
we forgot all about em while we were rockn the bed.
Wondering how we gonna get ahead,
Then We get older things get wilder
and time passes and you're my partner,
We said we'd never make the same mistakes our parents did
and life showed us we were kids,
Kids now we have our own
still wondering if this feeling is wrong

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