A Love So Sweet

I see you in my mind as a beautiful memory lost in time.
A life that was once as real as a valley of daisies.
Insanity lures me closer.
My heart is alive and hungry for a love so sweet.
A love that seems to only exist in memories now.
I replay the scenes of smiling laughter and lovemaking.
I cant seem to let them go. I want to, but I don't.
Forgetting to me means death.
I know in my heart that we were meant.
Heaven sent us to be together, now and forever.
These pictures they torture and delight me.
If the Devil is real, he has taken you for a ride.
I was invited, but I reluctantly declined.
I pray every day for you to come home.
I long for us to have a home for our family.
Do I let this desire go or keep praying? I cant be with anyone else.
Do I wait, alone? You're nearly dead to me in actual reality.
It hurts me always.
I feel you though,
like a tender faint glow that teases and touches my heart.
Can you feel me?
Have the toxins poisoned your heart to oblivion?
A love so sweet will always be, but please dear God,
make it more than just another memory.

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