A Love Story

A little black girl grew up with both parents. An overprotective, 'tough-love' father and a pain-filled, passive vessel of a mother. They both loved her dearly and tried their best to give her all the essentials like love and hard work. Not realizing the examples they provided. One hand the father is telling her not to take shit from a man while he himself is giving shit to the mother of his child and on the other hand the woman takes it. Anything is better than being alone right. So this little black girl grows to be a young woman. Who hates herself bc her ears were filled with criticism from her beloved father and she watched her mother forever attempt to change herself to appease a man who will never be happy. So a boy for the first time looks at her like she was beautiful, like she was a queen and filled her ears and heart with sweet compliments and empty promises and she lets him into her innocent heart, opens her mind body and soul just to have it ripped apart. It becomes a cycle and she takes it bc it's all she's ever known. Until one day when she's sure he's different. She picks up all her damaged pieces and uses him as the glue to fix it. And when he too isn't Prince Charming she loses hope. She loses the faith that what she thought love would be even exists. She never learns to love herself. She finds a man just like her father, one that is never happy. And she spends her days contemplating only to decide at the end of everyday that anything is better than being alone.

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