A Love to Remember

I’m sitting here with a person that’s my true lover,
He has the power to heal my scars of those who are stabbing me bad blood,
He fights for me with the words that come in tenderly,
He wouldn’t let go of me if the spark hasn’t left his mind,
He carries my heart gently like it’s something fragile,
He remembers every single piece of me and what I am in this world,
He make sures that the petals of the rose don’t fall off,
He treats me like a queen by bowing down the honesty he has,
He knows how to lose when I want to win,
He hears the miracles of the peaceful tree and pride doves growing together,
He listens to the cries that whips me on the inside,
He opens up the gates when dark oak wants to conquer him,
He flies with the open wings I gave him,
He never wants to dishonor my name nor my blood,
We’d sacrificed with our hands held by the love that we remember.

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