"A love which is gone "

If I asked you to take my hand....
Would you promise to try and understand ?
There used to be betrayal and lies
With that came the secret and alibis
The love that we once had shared
Was the professional love we declared
Then came that dreaded painful day
He just stood up and went away
That was something I would've never predicted
Does he realize the pain he has inflicted
Now he chooses to treat me like a dirt
And expects my heart not to feel hurt
There's always weakness and tears in my eyes
Which should really never come as surprise
Do you know what I am waiting for ?
Just for my heart to stop being sore..
And having to live each day with a sigh
Knowing someday I'm going to hear the word "GOODBYE"
Until then I'll continue to nurse my shattered heart
Now that he has decided we are better apart .

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This poem is related to broken love .