A Lover’s Dream

As I lay in my bed at night many things come to mind
I start to dream about how my first complete day will be with you.
I ask myself will I make him happy and feel
complete, lord I hope that I do.
I start to close my eyes filled with tears
praying that I could feel his touch upon me.
I hope and pray that the first moment
will last a life time.
As I drift into a deep sleep I start to dream
of you next to me just holding me
telling me I'm here now don't shed another tear.
I say I know that you are baby and I never
want you to let me go.
You tell me I won't let you go my love and
you start to kiss me slowly and ever so
gently while holding me tight.
Before I know it I wake up with you
not at my side, laying in bed
holding my pillow tight, wishing it
was you by my side.
Until I'm able to fall asleep again to
dream my lover's dream.

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