A Lover’s Last…

My mentor gave me the hardest task, to express within.
No matter how many times my heart tells me it is still in love.
I cannot listen to it, why must I wait?
Why must I hold on to a love that does not want mine.
Love is pure, love kind.
Yet, love cannot come together to tell evil to get behind.
Love is pure hate, love is a disgrace.
But cannot condemn owners for a tainted heart due to love crimes.
Love will prosper, love will conquer all.
Can love remove us from our demons?
Can love shield us from societies blood sucking legions?
The believer will be the receiver of all gifts of purity.
I needed him to see,I wanted him to believe.
I loved him so much that I could of died for him.
I knew I would of died, but GOD saved me that night.
I took a knee and he said things would be alright.
He saved my lovers heart and mine.
I lived for love, I believed that things would be alright.
Then it happened again, hurtful words spoken from the broken.
Prancing around like as if its hole again.
Can you blame the broken? Waiting for love to make it hole again.
The stars in the sky hold the bitter truth.
That of which we conform with our eyes.
We could not realize that we compromised our progress.
Sorrow borrowed his fears.
Sorrow borrowed her hearts personalities.
Pulling all that she ever was into the abyss.
The absence of her soul, taken by a lover scorned.
Together they look up into the sky. The truth lies within their eyes.

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