A Lover’s Letter for Dorian Gray

Oh, Dorian, my Dorian, come find me here,
I'm so alone and scared with nothing to see.
The curtain did fall and the last notes have been played,
But here I'm alone with no one to watch me on my stage.

It was so cold and dark here until I saw the candle:
On and on. Its flames flickered to me.
Here, the lady warms me with her hands--so bloody they seem.
Here, I am kissed with missing, poison lips.

Oh, Dorian, my Dorian, look what you've done.
My heart has sunk right out of my chest.
Even with wildflowers in my hair, and my heart full of little more,
I still think of you, my prince charming.

I am no longer beautiful and even less young.
You did this to me, yet I hold you no blame.
You burned down my set and left me in the ashes,
But Karma is a she who is quite kind to me.

Oh, Dorian, my Dorian, I see you again.
You're here with the heroes, the kings, and the men.
I see you've lost your beauty and your soul is gone too.
I suppose you've gotten what's coming to you.

Oh, Dorian, Mr. Dorian, I don't need you anymore.

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