A loving Father

Even though we never met , i still hold you in my heart
We have a real connection even though were kept apart
Day go by fast,youll be out in no time
I put some thought into the words i said and rewrote them into one rhyme
I wrote some couplets here and there and than i wrote some haikus
All the talents that i have , i inherited from you
Even though you are in prison , im the one thats's trapped
The hole in my heart's meant for you and is being overlapped
By the other sad thoughts and empty. Memories of you
When you get out of there some day , there's still stuff we have to do
You describe me very well in the letters. That you write
I feel like i can reach you, even though your out of sight
I get that i should go causr i am runnin out of words
There are only good things about you i have heard
You're not a bad person, you just had bad luck
I still have the picture that you drew of a truck
Maybe someday, we can both try something new
No mattee what you do ,just know that I love you

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