A Lowly Pain

There is a lowly pain surrounding our being—
Like an uneasy draft that you can't quite get rid of.
A disguised essence of daily life—
Comforted by the annual visits and normality.
Taking control steadily—
Until under our skin.
Corrupting the air—
Causing invitation into our soul with every exquisite breathe.
The grandest abruption of privacy.
The stealthiest thief —
Creeping in when least expected as though an intruder in the night.
Stealing the most valuable component —
The heart.
Timing is no matter.
The irresponsible felony of false advertisement —
Life is no movie —
Love is no fairy tale.
We are not the fictional character Cinderella —
The childish dreams of Prince Charming are unrealistic.
Love is no fairy tale —
Love is a stressful job that leaves you exhausted.
Draining your soul from the feeling of life.
A power beyond our mental capacity.
Bringing joy as swiftly as it takes it.
Love is ruthless.
Love is pain

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