A made up poem.

By Danish   

I cannot tell you what's wrong,
I am not there.
I wish I could tell you
Things, but what things really are.
They don't mean shit.
I loved you and there was a time
When things were on our favour
We lost it.
Everyone lose
Its just not us.
Words change, the meaning of the words change.
The words becomes poison.
The words becomes pain.
Only the words harm the feelings and the person
There were words, which was cure and used to heal us.
Where have they gone?
Where are you?
Sleeping on an empty bed,
Lying without hope,
without dreams and
the sound of the trains and the people
from your home still can be easily heard.
I am away, you're gone.
What life teaches us? Nothing.
We are not here to learn but to unlearn
the facts, the reasons, the things which just don't mean anything but we,
We put meanings on things.
I don't remember when you carved his name on your chest and the hands and told me that you love me.
I never told you you're a liar.
I believed, lovers betray.
You did that.
I was alone, woke up by the nightmares and it was 5:00 am in the morning
Its been two hours, me sitting on the cold floor
With the cold words and the cold thoughts
Listening to the sounds of the cold passengers and the cold wind,
Outside moving and thinking about
Those cold nights, I witnessed.
But nothing matters,
What really matters?
Nothing, but the way you live on those cold hours and the way you die on those nights and the way you smile and laugh on those cold nights and the alcohol,
Which uses to give you pleasure,
You throw them out of the window
because you don't have enough money to buy more.
You throw love out of the window of the 12th floor,
because theres no one to love and youre alone.
You listen to the god and the gods which are never there but hidden, somewhere where you just can't go and find.
The call to prayer in a mosque,
She's on the bed, sleeping.
I am here.
You're there with another man,
about to deliver a child.
The man is dead.
The God knows better.
We assume.
The sky is still dark and wet
and this body still aches
We are still
We are moving with time
The time has gone
Its fine now, everything's fine, we are doing fine.
And the light filled the sky once again,
Pierced the darkness and filled the room from the window.

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