A Man, A Father

The worries, the struggle
The stress of always trying to be the best
Making sure they’re safe
Financially secure in life
Look at the guy beside you
He looks better than you
Well dressed, fancy suit, briefcase in one hand phone in the other
You think you should be that man
You should have planned your life better
Now you feel like you have to work more hours
Put in more time in the office
Family can wait, have to make money right now
Money, can’t live without it
Money, it defines your worth, your lifestyle
Money, the family breaker
Money, always wanting more, thinking you NEED more
The world says you’re not good enough without a certain amount of money
You’re the leader of the house, the provider
Making sure that your family feels the love and secureness of your arms
The stakes in life are high
The pressure getting more and more
Will you break and leave?
Could you walk away from everything that you’ve built?
Will you teach your children to hate you and every man in leadership?

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