A Man I Once Knew

When we met, it was like two plus two connected,

We were so deep in love, it’s what I expected.

But the further I fell into you,

You started acting like someone I never knew.

We grew so far apart.

But by the time I realized it,

It was too late to press the restart.

It cut deep, boy.

I used to be your queen and then I became a toy.

Someone you could just tear down whenever you felt.

You started getting so mad, you left the welts.

The mental pain, stung like a bee.

It was the same kind of pain, as the sting of a belt.

The “you and I” officially lost the “we”

I just wanted love in a world so cold.

I never been so hurt, I was completely controlled.

Like power over me that was out in the open, it was bold.

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