A Man Lost of Love

A man lost of love, found love for writing,
Upon a lake shore,in a great land, of great beauty.

A maiden found no love,no favor in any,
But fell for writing, upon a lake shore, under a sakura.

They cast the first away, into the deep depths,
Only to be found, on a lake shore, by the opposite.

They read the others work, enthralled by their words,
Slowly falling in love, on two lake shores, their love written.

A great fish read all, seeing their love grow,
Went along to her, and vowed true promise,
To bring her him, when its right.

An unsavory one found him, and wanted his work,
To fuel his greed, to claim his own,
Greed consumes all.

With a reply of no, his greed flared hot,
An attempt of death, an attempt at life, into the depths.

The fish knew it now, and consumed the greed,
And kept the good, and brought her him, a promise true.

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