By Nishant   

The clock hits the mars,
When laconism(silence) hits the stars ??
The night calls me in the saga
Which I call the pitch dark gaga(craze)

I walk between the insidious (sneaky) trees!!
Syndromes hits in the breeze,
But Between this doom time;
Glitters the moonlight chime!

The creeps fade under the moon,
This white zircon(diamond)kisses my boon!!
I vision the sea iced under the only light?
Wakening up the night creatures to be elite(out of the world )..

I am a night crawler;
Who lives in a time of tijitu ( the Korean black white symbol )
Alone I walk in the weird dimension
With a light following me at every direction? ?

I see things which is close to myriad!(infinity)
With my only friend who is the cosmos hybrid! !
Humans are the wrong captain
Night time makes me the real spartian! !

But soon my friend dies. .
As people make their rise? ?
The orange light disappears the chess board!!
In which I was the king of the court!

I start running into the woods! !
Being oblivion to the hood;
Because I know my friend will reborn
And make me again the night unicorn...

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