A Man with Limited Flesh

He was once flabby
Like a tender hippopotamus
In a fresh water lake.

That was before his retrenchment
Now, he survives on wages
Which go unpaid for months.

His soulmate is salaried
But claims that
She has no time to rare a man
She says that the Bible teaches;
A man should till the land
And sweat before he eats
And fend for the family throughout.

So a woman's money is not
For taming domestic animals.

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This Poems Story

The poem is about the mistrust and mistreatment a husband is likely to face from his wife when he fails to meet his obligations in a family. The poet presents a situation that occurs when a person becomes financially unstable in a society. He expects favor from those close to him but he is despised and mistreated. \"...a woman\'s money is not for taming domestic animals.\"