A Man Without a Face

What if God created us all with the same mind,
What if all music had the same beat and the same line?
What if that rock chick who likes heavy metal and mosh pits
Dressed like you, spoke like you...wouldn't you want her to stop it?
What if the world was black and white like a dog's sight,
And everyone was like a penguin (there's no such thing as being able to fly)?
Think about it, doesn't that sound great?
No one is different, so no one can hate...but wait...
That would make you all fake:
Robots, not women and men.
Nowadays society is just a slave to the trends.
Who is the original, if everyone is imitating an imitation?
Why base your actions off another's imagination?
You must be lost, but I understand; it's hard to find good guidance.
The ones trying to guide you are not even guided.
All I'm saying is: To be original, there's so much you can create.
Without originality, you are just copy-and-paste;
Without originality, you are just a race with no pace;
Without originality, you are just a fool without a taste;
Without originality, you are just a man without a face.

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