A March for our Lives

Columbine 15, Parkland 17, sandy hook 28
Those are the names of the more known School shootings and how many people died
Virginia tech 33 happened in 2007
Enoch Brown 10 happened in 1764
When will it end?
When will there be enough CHILDREN dead?
When will you realize that it’s enough?
When will we stop fearing that our friends, our siblings will die by going somewhere we don’t even want to be?
Money is more Valued than the life of a 6 year old
More valued than the safety of over 100 thousand people who attend school for either an education or to support their families
You tell us to make our lives better
You tell us to stay out of the street and go to school
You tell us that we need an education to survive
YOU are the reason Jessica Rekos, 6, didn’t make it past 1st grade
You are the reason Joaquin Oliver,17, didn’t make it to College
You are the reason Liviu Librescu,76, who made it through the holocaust, died in Virginia Tech
We are done fearing for our lives every minute we go to school
The millions you make selling these guns will never be enough to wash all the blood and trauma off your hands
“People believe that the youth of this country are insignificant. People believe that the youth have no voice.”
Let’s see where this country ends up without us

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