A Marriage to Forget

Marriage is another promise to break,
Honesty is extremely fake,
People stopped meaning "until death do us part."
Divorce "stops" the anger,
And the only real danger
Is a deep wound right in your heart.
In sickness and in health,
In poverty and in wealth,
It seems like people nowadays won't work to make things right.
They don't mean the vows they're making,
So they don't care about the vows they're breaking
Besides, all marriages have their share of fights.
So why not work through it?
You may find that you can do it;
It's if you want to is the part where you can't really decide.
If you aren't willing to try,
There's no need to let your marriage die,
For it has already died.
You promise to the one above you,
"I promise to always love you,"
Okay. But really, how long is that going to last?
Your "marriage" went by in a blur;
You decided that you were going to leave her,
But she left you just as fast.

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