A Mask

I am like a mask
full of many secrets and fears
But more we speak
the more my face appears
I dont wanna look down anymore
im tired of being hid in my hand
I dont wanna be ashamed of me,
But why cant they understand
I am Indeed different
but isnt that better than being a lie?
a fake? a Phony? a wannabe?
names that make you cry?
I look down when i walk
to hide my hidious face
other disagree
but i know im a disgrace
I hate myself..
I feel like i dont belong
I lack acceptance
And no more will i be strong
If i finally just left
maybe, just maybe they will be improved
thats what i really want
is for there lives to be soothed.
How shall i end?
with a gun? or a rope?
i have no purpose so,
i finally lost all hope.
I will miss you
but will you miss me?
after all isnt this?
what you wanted to see.

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