A Masked Breath

She wore a mask,
The others never asked.
She hid from those around her,
Hidden in a self-made shroud,
A looming cloud.
They didn't see her, for she never revealed her true self,
Except to herself.

She wept till her slumber,
Wondering if it was time for her soul to be reaped.
Waking up she looks in the mirror,
But can no longer see a face nor reflection.

She reaches for her mask once again,
In order to disappear.
For she believed she wasn't worth seeing,
So she became the unseen.

Till the hurricane shattered her shelves of
Fake faces.
And she started to drown,
In a storm of emotions she had forgotten.
She cried and then died,
Only to be revived.

They looked her in the eyes,
And saw her disguise.
They all cried,
Her masks lay there shattered and cracked,
Her security called to her,
Her emotions wanted to hide once again just like before.
She instead became faceless.

Emptiness became her new clarity,
For it can't be shaped or manipulated.

Not to be loved nor hated

She's a blank face,
For that last mask couldn't be replaced.
She still can't breathe,
Just exist.
Faceless but alive.

Quietly she ponders,
"Is this life worth living? Surviving?
If so,
Who am I? Who will I be?
To make such a life worth living."

Little did she know,
She was the mask she once hid behind.

A symbol of strength,
Who shields those in need, keeps them safe,
Lets them confide in her.

She respects them.
She fights for them.
She breathes for them,
Then drowns with them.

Faceless to herself,
A mask of unconditional protection for others.

She protects the faceless peoples lives,
Till she finds a way to make her own worth living.

She surrounds herself with color,
For she can't see any within herself.
She wishes to protect the color within everyone else.

For the darkness is cold,
To cold for one to survive alone.
She will sacrifice her dim light before she lets anyone else drown in darkness.

Just like she once did.

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