A Match Made In Hell (Part 1)

I stare in contempt as malicious intent creeps into my soul and moral fiber.
As darkness calls my name, I fight in vain.
Like Curt Cobain’s escape from fame, death will surely find me.
Storm clouds above rain down their love, too bad they’re filled with acid.
I cringe and flinch as acid drops molly wop my battered soul.
I crawl to the corner where darkness awaits to mate with open arms.
Enveloped by her embrace, I gape beyond where light still fights for life.
Darkness, she covers my eyes so all I see are her images.
Blood and gore, demonic eyes; no matter how hard I try.
No matter how hard I fight, I can’t escape her images.
Shh, she cries, shh she whispers as I jab a fist and land a kick;
To no avail she still prevails. Am I stuck like this forever?
Inside this egg that’s become my home I am fed and never left alone.
Although darkness feeds, she takes away my once resolve to help the poor and needy.
My selfless love has become a selfish love; I vomit at its images.
I fight with might as warriors might
I turn away from possessed eyes that never blink and sink me deep into the pit I’m in.
Dizzy I become sitting among these demons.
They are not me I try to scream but my voice is empty and hollow.
I try to scream but my voice is empty and hollow.
I try to swallow as fire churns and burns a path that maps itself deep into my very soul.
As ice and fire meet it cracks and snaps but fire sizzles, ice only giggles.
As she screams ‘cicles that penetrates and devastates the fiery path.
Restoring what once was gone, the angel of darkness has met her enlightened foe.

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This Poems Story

This poem I wrote while going through a panic attack in prison. As it progresses to part 2 and 3 it begins to engage a different meaning.