A Match Made In Hell (Part 2)

Lightness emerges and awakens me from what felt like an eternity.
She winks at me, I blink but see her arms encircle me.
Fire and darkness runs away with demons slayed still screaming
Another battle has come and gone, light the valiant victor.
There to love never to touch she coaxes and coaches me along the way.
When I think I’m strong and carry on without her; demons are there
Disheveling my arrogant endeavors and devouring my very existence.
I swear she waits as time ticks away and makes me face my mortal fate.
Then and only then she swoops within and rescues this soul who’s lost without her
I proclaim my love and swear to the gods above that she could feel my touch
But never have they listened.
She’s always there and ever aware of my lustful stares
But raises her heart in shackles.
My life’s true mission is to find the key that glistens
And set free this vision that imprisons my lover.
I’d fight the demons to the end of the earth.
I’d slay the acid rain and take the stabbing pain of hurt.
I’d do this oh so much more for her
I’d give my life to see the chains that strain,
To open and vanish from her famished heart.

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This Poems Story

This is part two of a series. Note how The meaning begins to shift to love.