A Matter of Faith


COVID-19 perplexed us all.
Will it still be with us in the fall?
We ask what changes must we make.
A new normal for all our sake.
How we shop, how we work and play.
How we eat and interact from day to day.

COVID-19 said to be like the flu.
A recurring danger to me and you?
Answers we seek will come.
When the Creator's will is done.
A new day is certain to appear.
A time for absolute faith, not fear.

A time to stand together, not to weep.
A time to reflect and a time to reap.
A time to know more and a time to achieve.
A time to build and believe.
That this nation we occupy
Is like the stars in the sky.
So COVID-19 no matter how unkind
You are most unlikely to outshine
Hopes and dreams of those home and abroad
Who yearn to conquer you with the help of the Lord
Whose hand is both mighty and gentle
Defeating you, while lifting hearts plentiful.

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