A Melody of Peace

Today my heart sings, "A Melody of Peace,"
for the many who cannot sing this song,
for the many who long for joy and understanding,
and for those who hunger for the food of happiness.

They are the people of this world
seeking compassion, love and justice.
Can we but find in our hearts
the means to meet this global need?

Now a song of courage wells up
within those who see the way
for humanity to embrace each person
and act compassionately using this valiant determination.

And as more people bravely act
by caring, nurturing, feeding, loving,
and healing each other we can all cause our hearts
to sing in unity, "A Melody of Peace."

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This Poems Story

I came from a family of four: Robert Henry, Dad; Esther June, Mom; Vickie Jayne, Sister; and me, Brenda Kay Miller. Raised in Canton, OH, I now reside in Hoboken, NJ. This January 9, 2015, Mom passed away at ninety-one. Just after Mom's death, I had been thinking about "A Melody of Peace," a poem I had written a few years ago. She looked so beautifully peaceful with her lips slightly open as if she had just sung her own melody of peace. I offer, "A Melody of Peace" for all who wish for peace and happiness throughout this planet, Earth.