A Memore

Your beautiful melodies rise and
Fall like tides on the ocean gently
Hitting the beach. You come from
Within us; no one can hold your power
Back or tell you how it should be
done. Brightening my day in the
Morning, you seem to shout, Love
Life! from every measure and
Every chord. The symphony of
Song encourages the best to come out
Of every soul. If I'm down when you're
Around, you lift me from my bum to
My feet. Sometimes you carry words to
Tell a message that needs told, but other
Times you find it easier to tell the
Message through a simple harmony.
Your quiet phrases catch me unaware. Strains
Bounce off a blank canvas, constructing
A perfect drawing. The notes climb
Higher, trying to capture the perfectness.
Unable to reach the top, they climb again.
Reaching the top, they slowly start falling
Into a delicate decrescendo, then suddenly
Stop leaving a room in soundless silence.

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