Jesus my hosiah please pull me higher higher above avergage that looks at me and laugh grab me from these crabs so I can give them a laugh you told me it was going to be hard but I cant bare the pain that’s stabbing my brain forcing me to get on my knees and scream your holy name
I love you more than a kid looking for the next snack you pushed me and told me to never look back
Back at my past that you erased cause you have forgivin me for sinning now its time to win win win
Lets begin this race to your holy grace .. like a worker running to ace to cash his next check
People avoid and hide your love but you’re the legs of my journey that I cant wait to begin to let you hold me through hard times when I feel like my hope is fins to end but always remembering your voice screaming win win no doubt you love me you could have killed me but you spared my life with the thought of yesterday I was holding the knife to his head and you said my child he is not worth the pain you will indore when it rain gain your control and be the girl I love to see grow learn to gain control without losing control you see I know were you going before you get there I know the pain before it comes but as my strongest soldier you are above average with the hardest task once again I love you now lets this wonderful jorney ive created for you begin amen was what I wrote

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