A Mere Description

landscapes of color and landscapes of sound
wondrous stars pass by as our world spins round
countless mountains, valleys, and canyons too
an infinite sky with so many more colors than blue
descriptions of this splendor are invariably mere
must see first hand the glorious views so clear
experience the awe of Earth’s northern lights
know that tiny insects fly to amazing heights
countless species our great earth does feature
with exceptional design for both plant & creature
an array of different qualities even for trees
like each one is blanketed with unique leaves
life continues evolving without an obvious cause
however, all abides by precise universal laws
nature can manifest fire, smoke, and fumes
man has constructed monuments and tombs
but now we alter and effect Earth much more
and less evolved humans often provoke war
rising Temperature will turn earth into a sauna
slim chance of survival for our flora and fauna
for now we are blessed with a exquisite home
a place where you are loved and never alone
Endless and wonderful things to learn and see
truly unfading love I have for Earth, and it for me

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