A Message from the Sinner

I don't hear it anymore.
This life I'm living only to find out I was dead the whole time.
Not being able to feel my dying breaths will surely melt my mind.
I sense that someone's gonna come and take it from me.
I don't mind.
I've lived with dying long enough.
I'd be happy for the first time in years.
They are ignorant like I was, back
when the world spun clockwise.
Light smells good when you look around and only taste darkness.
I can't go back. I can never go back.
I tried once but it didn't work.
I lost sight of my soul.
After that, the sound of my sanity.
Listen for a second. To the silence.
Doesn't it remind you of water?
The fact that people need it to survive,
Yet too much of it kills them.
I guess that's supposed to make me feel lucky.

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