A Message To "Love"

Love is a wonderful and yet cursed thing,
my heart has yearned for you so long.
Reaching out, Straining against its chains only to be shot down into submission.
Love, a sensation kept stowed away out of sight.
A sensation that without I wither and die as rose starved of water.

Yet as I cry out, and push against the binding desolation of my heart under the ashen violent skys,
at the farthest point the eye can see, a figure crosses the threshold into the barren land of my heart.
As I see you approach the skies clear, and an air of calm follows in your wake.

When you reach me, and the gentlest touch melts my chains, I leap up free yet still a slave of darkness.
you lean in and ever so lightly bestow a kiss,
the light held prisoner explodes inside of me and I see the world for what it really is.
A world of joy and love, a world that now centers around you.
You are my world, my universe and my one.
You are my one and only "Love"

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