A Midnight Ramble

I'm 4 pages into a book and already looking for the end of the chapter.
My heat doesn't work, and its February,
So anything beyond the sanctity of my comforters turns blue.
i've been sleeping with my socks on lately;
blasphemy in some camps, I know.
My arms fall victim while I rush through these pages.

My bed is bare from the company I keep.
Not to be too forward, but the company I keep is divine.
The earth shimmers underneath their feet as they walk away.
I am far too lazy and uninvested to wash my blankets,
let alone, ask them how they get the ground to do that.
Who is your light technician?

I get bored of my thoughts and look up,
Hoping that this empty room will serve me
A neglected cactus sits next to two books adorned with an empty wine glass.
One of these books I have already inhaled,
the other, I will probably never touch.
They are both fitting company for a man with cold arms.

My twenty five dollar candle mocks me, I light it to spite it.
My lights go off as the sun rises.
I'm a princess when I sleep.
but what kind of princess sleeps as her kingdom awakes?
Before my eyes shut, a troubling thought occurs:
My teddy bear has never hugged me first.

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