A Midnight Shadow Image (re-do)

I have this marvelous image I'd love for you all to see
But an oils and paintbrush artist is something I'm not wont to be
So I'll try with these paltry words an accurate picture to bid
And maybe you'll see it in your own mind exactly as I did

A cloudless full moon midnight with a foot of snow on the ground
Everything seen looked vaguely dark, houses and trees all around
Shadows were also especially black as seen on the bluish-white snow
The contrast itself was very strong since moon-shadows are usually so

Peering out of my bedroom window to see what I could see
My mind drifted off in the moonlight and a vision appeared to me
I saw my birdfeeder on a seven foot pole in the middle of my lot
And it looked like a tall minute-hand on the face of a huge clock

The birdfeeder's shadow angled out from the base of the post
As if it were the hour-hand of the same large clock face ghost
So the image that I mentioned above I now wish to yield
It was of a big "One-O'clock" out in the middle of my field

John W. Knight

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