A Midwinter Night's Dream

One cold, dreary night, as the winter solstice drew near,
And as the countdown began in earnest for another year,
I dreamed that I saw a valley down yonder, beckoning me.

How long the slogging, to cover the terrain in plain view,
To do this trek never thought through! Yet, well I knew:
That there was a valley yonder, holding me transfixed.

As I awoke, with my uncharted campaign left in disarray,
I wanted to capture the panorama before it faded away,
With a brush dipped in paint, a dab here and a dab there.

Suddenly, the view came into focus, bold and bright:
A fissure in the ground, an obstacle running left to right,
A scar in the land, like a flaw on a well-chiseled marble.

Yet, but for this crack, I would have headed for the valley,
In a flight of folly, fancying that it was beckoning me.
And, who knew, the chasm was a creek, not just a crack!

As the sound of the gurgling stream shattered the stillness
Of a landscape thus fashioned, so it let me witness:
That there was a valley yonder, serene and nonchalant.

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